A Testimonial in Rhyme...


One of my client came for a Photoshoot with quite a few doubts. However she loved it and when she came back to collect her beautiful images I asked her to write a Testimonial and an original one as I knew she was a professional copywriter. Well I was kidding but she was not. After a week I received an email from her with this beautiful poem. It almost made me cry... I love it!      My clients are amazing!




I looked in the mirror and what stared back at me,

Not exactly the woman I thought I should see.

My chin is too long, and my eyes don’t look blue,

I promised my sweetie a photo, now what should I do?

I want him to see what I feel deep inside,

My sense of accomplishment, real beauty and pride.

My clothes look lack luster my hair has no flair,

I can’t let him see this, I really don’t dare.

I just don't feel pretty, I tried not to cry,

What I need is some magic. I'll find it, I'll try!

While taking a walk down Surry Hills way,

I noticed a studio, it was just yesterday.

I gave Valerie a call, it was easy to do,

She said, "come on by", I’ll take good care of you.

Such luxury and pampering, like I’ve not know before,

I began to relax in her home like décor.

My makeup looked flawless – my eyes looked so blue,

With shadow and shading, they knew just the hue.

My coiffure is amazing, the gown fits like a glove,

This will be an image my fiancée will love.

Now I look in the mirror and what do I see,

The beautiful vision I knew I could be.

I sparkle and shine like a beautiful jewel,

A confident woman, not just a plain girl.

This is my story, my inner beauty shines bright,

She posed me just so, in the most flattering light.

She promised to help me conquer my fears,

I laughed and I smiled, and I forgot all those tears.

The session was amazing, moments I'll treasure,

The gift I gave myself is well beyond measure.