Valerie is an award-winning portrait photographer, specialised in women portraiture. Born in Paris, France, you'll find through her images Elegance, Femininity and Self-confidence.

"My mission is to create the most gorgeous portraits you have ever seen of yourself. My clients come to me, because they trust my artistic vision and skill to capture images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Many people put off having portraits taken because they want to lose weight, get more sleep or dress better. Celebrate You today. It is not your job to be photogenic. It is my job as the photographer to bring out your inner beauty and confidence. I love photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes. I know what beautiful looks like and will find your beautiful".

This experience is an adventure of self-discovery,

You're gonna love it!

xoxo Valerie

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Our booking fee is $190 and includes a 3-hour session, professional Makeup and Hair styling, a fully directed Photoshoot, up to 5 different outfits and a private in-person reveal appointment. The Creation fee is prepaid to reserve your photography session time.

Images are not included and will be purchased separately.




From our luxury albums to our best selling folio boxes, our premium products are designed with you in mind. You might enjoy this experience only once in your life so we offer incredible products that have been hand picked to make sure your images are displayed beautifully. Each print comes with its Digital Image file.

You BUY what you LIKE!

portrait photography sydney


Decorate your home with beautiful fine art Portraits. Professionally mounted on matte board, you'll have the option to use your own frame or order one.

portrait photography sydney


Beautiful keepsake box with Asahi silk cover that hold up your most cherished portraits from your session. Choose whether you want to hang some portraits on the wall, give some to your family or keep them private in the box.

portrait photography sydney


An Album is the perfect way to preserve your images in one place.

Includes 20 pages plus 15 digital files.

Which one is your excuse?

Breathe, everything is gonna be fine...


"I'm not photogenic"

Well, this is definitely MY job to make you look and feel amazing, not yours!

"I need to lose weight"

I will pose you and light you in such a way that you won't focus on your weight but just enjoy the experience.

"I'm too old"

Humm, there is no such thing as being too old to be photographed. You are beautiful today and this is what I want to show you.

"I can't afford it"

I work with all kind of budgets and offer a payment plan to make things easier.

"I hate being photographed"

I promise a fun and comfortable experience. When you'll look at your images, you'll understand it was worth it.

"It's my first time"

Well, like 99% of my clients who come to me are very nervous but they finally enjoy their experience and get beautiful images of themselves.




My team and I handle every aspect of creating your portraits, from the moment we begin our work together, until the moment I deliver your personalized works of art. We firmly believe it is our ability to deliver a priceless legacy of creative portraits with our customers that keeps them recommending us again and again...




Are the women on your website professional models? Absolutely not! I only work with real women just like you and I.

I don't know how to pose. How will I know if I look good? No worries. It might be your first photoshoot experience so you are a little bit worried about the whole process. Remember that you have one hour with a professional hair and make-up artist, she is going to make you look incredible trust me! Then you don't have to know how to pose, I will coach you every step of the way, you'll only have to mirror me. Easy.

Do you "photoshop" me? Yes. However it is very important for me that you look like...YOU. I am not a Fashion photographer where I try to make my model perfect. I am not going to change you into someone you're not. My goal is that you see yourself as you truly are: Just Beautiful!

What is the cost of a shoot? Photoshoots begin at $190. Images are sold separately. What you purchase at the end is entirely up to you.

What should I bring to a Glamour session? Every woman is different. You might want a natural look with jeans or a more glamour look with a formal gown. You can come with a few different outfits so we can choose together.

How and when will I see my images from my photoshoot? Depending on which session you choose, we will schedule your viewing session between one or two weeks after the photoshoot. In the studio, we'll go through the images together and choose your favourites.



This "once in a lifetime" experience is the ultimate gift for a woman. It offers exactly what all women are dreaming of, a full makeover, playing dress up and looking gorgeous. You can't go wrong with this gift, ever...

Best for: Anniversary, Birthday, For the groom, Baby shower, Fitness gift, New tattoo, Christmas gift, Valentine's Day...

Show her how beautiful she is!


Why should I book a shoot now?

You are going to think about this photoshoot and never feel ready for it because of a million things, thousand of excuses such as "I am too fat, I am not photogenic, I don't know what to wear, I don't have anything to wear...". Don't wait until everything is perfect as it will never happen. You already look amazing today!

 Do not overthink it, just DO it!





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