boudoir photography sydney

I’m so nervous, what can I do?

Being nervous is totally normal but it doesn't last long. After 15 minutes of shooting you will see how fun and easy it is. If you are really nervous, I offer complimentary pre-consultation so you can meet me in person, tour the studio and ask me anything :)

Where will my boudoir session take place?

I offer photo shoots in my home apartment based in Surry Hills, Sydney. This is only a 5-minute walk from Central station. My home is filled with a beautiful natural light and my clients do appreciate the intimacy and privacy they get compared to a regular photo studio. This is a pretty fun and laid back experience. However, I’m happy to photograph you in your own space, if there is enough natural light or in a hotel room or Airbnb for the Ultimate Luxury Experience. I would definitely recommend to book a room with a friend so I can photograph you back to back! YAY Scheduling needs to be done a little further in advance, but we love these sessions.

Can I bring a friend/significant other to the photo shoot? 

To be honest, I don’t recommend it. Having an extra set of eyes on you makes most women even more nervous and uncomfortable. You can definitely bring one friend who can stay with you during the makeover but she’ll have to leave once we start the photoshoot. Bringing your boyfriend/husband is a big no no! Or I recommend to book a hotel room so I can photograph you both back to back!

Do you photoshop my images? 

Yes, I do a light skin smoothing to all of your images but they always have to look natural. I remove blemishes, bruises, scars, and outlets on walls!

Will my images be made public? 

Every client must sign our model release, you have the option to keep your images private, release some or all of your images to be used inside & outside the studio. If you choose to release your images, you may be featured in our blog or our social media!

Do I have to wear lingerie? 

Not at all! A Boudoir experience is focused on empowering women to love themselves. It’s about capturing your beauty and femininity. You can definitely choose to wear some jeans, sweaters, dresses… It’s up to you! You just need to feel comfortable.

Are the women on your website professional models?

Absolutely not! I only work with real women just like you and I.

I don't know how to pose. How will I know if I look good?

No worries. It might be your first photoshoot experience so you are a little bit worried about the whole process. Remember that you have one hour with a professional hair and make-up artist, she is going to make you look incredible trust me! Then you don't have to know how to pose, I will coach you every step of the way, you'll only have to mirror me. Easy.

Do you "photoshop" me?

Yes. However it is very important for me that you look like...YOU. I am not a Fashion photographer where I try to make my model perfect. I am not going to change you into someone you're not. My goal is that you see yourself as you truly are: Just Beautiful!

What is the cost of a shoot?

The Booking Fee is $190 and includes professional Hair & Makeup, a fully directed Boudoir photoshoot and a private in-person reveal appointment. Images are not included and will be purchased separately. What you purchase at the end is entirely up to you.

What should I bring to a Beauty session?

Every woman is different. You might want a natural look with jeans or a more glamour look with a formal gown. You can come with a few different outfits so we can choose together.

How and when will I see my images from my photoshoot?

I usually schedule your viewing session two weeks after the photoshoot. In the studio, we'll go through the images together and choose your favourites.