My team and I handle every aspect of creating your portraits, from the moment we begin our work together, until the moment I deliver your personalized works of art. We firmly believe it is our ability to deliver a priceless legacy of creative portraits with our customers that keeps them recommending us again and again...

When I met Valerie and Anisha, I discovered nothing but love and support. My experience taught me that boudoir is an opportunity for people to celebrate their bodies and embrace the freedom to be exactly themselves. I am thankful for places like this that give people the gift of authenticity, empowerment, and joy.
For years and years, I struggled with how I perceived my body. As I have gotten older, I have become more comfortable with my body and myself as a sexual being. I wanted this session to be an opportunity to mark how far I have come, and how much more LIFE I will experience in the future!
I did this experience just for me. I am excited to look back years from now and remember how happy I was when I took these pictures and how comfortable I was in my body. I was blown away by how EASY it all was!
I will always be thankful for my boudoir session, because it reminded me that the most beautiful thing in the world is authenticity. I was given the chance to be un-apologetically myself, to let everything be out there, critics be darned. It felt like a love letter to my body after so many years of shame and insecurity.
Sure, boudoir is an act of transformation. But at the end of the day, what makes a session great is not the opportunity to become someone different. The gift of boudoir is that you will be given an opportunity to see YOURSELF for exactly you. If I could give advice to a potential client, I would say this: You deserve celebration. You deserve joy. You deserve self-love. You deserve freedom to be exactly who you are!.
— Natasha
The biggest thing about it all is that you see that you don’t have to be a size 0 or a porn star to make sexy pictures. You can be a mom of 2, a size 10/12/16/20+, and still look like a bad-ass, classy, sexy WOMAN.
— Georgia

Well I was self conscious about the whole experience and not optimistic about the results. The results are fabulous! Valerie you have taken years off me! Thanks very much Valerie you made me feel very comfortable for my first ever photo shoot!
— Bernie

What a wonderful experience! Valerie is warm and inviting, making you feel totally relaxed and comfortable for your photo shoot. I am so happy I made the choice to book in my boudoir session with Valerie, it is an experience that is so personal and raw and therefore you need the photographer to work with you and understand your personality, releasing you from any inhibitions so she can capture you perfectly. I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough, if you are going to treat yourself to something so intimate, then Valerie Prudon is the woman to capture you!
— Tash

A wonderful experience! I have a lot of photography taken for my Instagram account but Valerie’s photos are in a league of their own, she really captures your personality.
— Donna

Valerie is wonderful and I can highly recommend her! I was reluctant to get photos because most of them are so cliché, and was also uncomfortable about the whole process. However, Valerie was able to put my mind at rest, she made the whole experience enjoyable and easy, and delivered amazing photos that really captured my personality. I am so grateful to Valerie for making this so uncomplicated and securing some really natural-looking shots. Thank you, Valerie, for your professional, friendly and empathetic approach!
— Jennie
I was given a voucher to have photos taken with Valerie. As my Mum had recently been diagnosed with a major illness, I thought it was a great opportunity to have some beautiful photos taken with and of my Mum. Valerie was so amazing, she understood how important it was for me to get these photos and she went all out to make the photos and the whole experience just amazing! The photos have turned out so much more beautiful than I could have ever hoped and she made it a magical experience that is now a memory I will never forget!I cannot speak highly enough of how fantastic this experience was and how relaxed Valerie managed to make both my Mum and I feel - neither of us are good at having our photo taken, but you would never know it looking at the end result! Truly the best experience and I was so happy with the photos I bought them all! I recommend Valerie Prudon for amazing photos and an amazing experience. Thank you Valerie!!!
— Armodee

I recently had a maternity photoshoot with Valerie at her studio in SURRY hills. She was straight away very welcoming and this made me feel at ease. I dare say that I have never felt so comfortable in my skin like I did when i had the photo session with Valerie. If your ever feel like you cannot be a diva, try Valerie- she made me feel so comfortable that I started contemplating of being a model yourself.
— Beatrice
I really love the style, sophistication and elegance that Valerie is able to capture through her photography. I was excited by the beautiful colours of the images at the end. Both, Valerie and Valentina are professional and passionate about what they do. I also appreciate the flexibility that Valerie was able to offer me to suit my requirements. I’d happily recommend her!
— Audrey

From the moment I entered Valerie’s studio I felt welcomed and at ease. I was pampered and painted to look my very best and the photo shoot began. Valerie has such a talent with knowing just the way you need to pose to bring out your very best. A few hours went by in a flash and it all seemed just so easy and relaxing. In no time, I was back and looking at the finished product, wow all I could say was WOW. The photos were just amazing, trust me when I say I have never looked so fantastic, and I couldn’t have been happier. If you only get a chance to have professional photos taken once in your life, Valerie is your girl!
— Jeanette

Being my first photoshoot it was a great experience that Valerie made enjoyable. Her skill and energy gave me lots of confidence!
— Ana

I usually feel very uncomfortable in front of a camera, so I was attracted by the fact that Valerie photographs women in a private environment. Having my makeup done and photos taken in the intimacy of her studio apartment made me so much more relaxed, and Valerie and her makeup artist were so down to earth. I think is then reflected in the naturalness of the photographs, which is what I was hoping for.
— Melissa
My husband Chris and I recently had a Photo shoot with Valerie and it was an amazing experience. I was 36 weeks pregnant so we wanted to capture this special time in our lives. Initially I was very self conscious however Valerie quickly made me feel very comfortable and we ended up having such a fun time. The photos are absolutely stunning!!