Your experience and what to expect

The Experience

1. Hair and make-up

First, we meet at my studio, which happens to be in my cozy home in Surry Hills. I love to work out of my home because it provides a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere perfect for unwinding. You will begin with my make-up artist, who will give you an hour of her undivided attention, and a cup (or two!) of coffee. Basically, it's like a morning out for coffee and gossip with the girls. 

2. Photoshoot

After you've had the chance to unwind and are really starting to wonder why you haven't done this sooner, the real fun begins! We start with relaxed, natural poses and outfits. I'll move on to some corporate shots, if you need them. Then we'll turn things up a notch with the glamour shots giving you a chance to be elegant, seductive, captivating, and basically just drop-dead gorgeous. We'll have fun changing outfits and playing with different make-up looks. 

3. Viewing session

Once you've completed your session, I will begin to go through your images and add my own personal touch. Each image will be enhanced through subtle uses of color, light, and shadow. About two weeks later, I'll have you come back for your viewing session, where we can look at the photographs together. You can choose your favorite images (which will be tough, I warn you!) and decide how you want to take them home (another tough choice). I offer a beautiful collection of products from prints to wall art to portfolio boxes.

4. Collection

Finally, once I've prepared your finished products, you can stop by to collect everything.


Philosophy & Quality

In creating the ultimate in personalised product, I insist on meeting only the highest standards in quality by combining the latest in digital printing and sustainable resources.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want to offer you the kind of guarantee that gives you a peace of mind about trying a photoshoot and not knowing what the finals images are going to look like. If you are not happy, I am not happy. If you do not like ANY of your final photos, I offer you a free reshoot at a later date or a complete refund of your money.