Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photography

I understand that the thought of a Boudoir session can be scary. When I talk to women about Boudoir sessions, I get asked a lot of different questions. Here is a combination of the most frequent ones.

1/ Do you share my images?

I would never share your images without your full consent. Confidentiality is very important to me and I respect your privacy. Of course I am honoured and super excited when I can share my work within my community, however it is always done with my client’s consent.

2/ Do I have to wear lingerie?

Not at all! A Boudoir experience is focused on empowering women to love themselves. It’s about capturing your beauty and femininity. You can definitely choose to wear some jeans, sweaters, dresses… It’s up to you! You just need to feel comfortable.

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3/ Is Hair & Makeup included?

Hair and Makeup is always included in our sessions! It is part of this experience that you feel pampered, it is when you start to become confident as well. My amazing makeup artist will always listen to your needs and she might provide either something natural or a full glam look.

4/ Do you photoshop my images?

Yes, I do edit your images but they always have to look natural. I remove blemishes, bruises, scars, and outlets on walls! 

5/ Do you offer digitals?

Whether you want a gorgeous album or a Keepsake box, each print purchased comes with its digital image.

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6/ Can I bring a friend to my session?

You are more than welcome to have a female friend come hang with you while you get your makeup & hair done; but once the session starts I will ask your friend to go grab some coffee while we are shooting your session.

7/ I’m so nervous, what can I do?

That’s completely normal! 98% of my clients are freaking out before their session. It’s part of the experience too. Be brave, get out of your comfort zone and do something scary. You’ll be so proud of yourself afterwards! And the truth is that it lasts only a few minutes, then you’ll have the best fun ever!

8/ What is the typical investment?

Session fee is $190 and includes an in-studio boudoir shoot, professional makeup application with lashes, an in-person photo reveal of your images within 2 weeks to purchase digital files/photo products, and a sudden boost of self-esteem.
Our Collections start at $1200.
Typically clients invest an average $1200 – $2000 on themselves.

9/ Do you offer payment plans?

We do offer interest-free payment plans when you order over a certain amount of images. We’ll discuss all this at your Reveal session.

10/ I’m ready to book a session, what now?

I am so glad and couldn’t be more excited for you! Boudoir photography truly is a unique experience that every woman should experience in their lifetime. To book your session, please fill out the form below. You’re in for a real treat – I can’t wait to photograph you!


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