Top 5 excuses women don't book a Boudoir Experience

I know! We can all come up with 20 different excuses for not doing a Boudoir session. When we get nervous, we make excuses.

A boudoir session is sooooo scary that our mind will find any excuses to persuade us not to do it. And this is when you have to be brave ladies. Because this experience is worth it and might change your life! Here are the top 5 excuses women don’t book a Boudoir shoot and I hope they are not yours :)

1/ I’m too old.

Oh gosh, I soooo disagree with that! A woman is never, ever too old to allow herself to feel beautiful and celebrate herself. I can definitely see beauty in any woman on earth. You may not be that same girl as you were in your 20's but now you're even better, you're a woman. A strong, independent, confident woman. You've been through life and can share so many stories and emotions through your eyes and your face, you have so much more confidence and wisdom. There's an age when beauty is outside and an age when beauty is inside, but there's always beauty!

2/ I need to lose a few kilos first.

Well, that's THE excuse that will always stop you from doing this incredible experience. You see, a Boudoir session is not to capture yourself when you're "perfect", when you've lost 20 kilos and you're size 6. The whole point is to capture yourself now, because now, you're proud of yourself and you love yourself!

I think it’s amazing to have goals and want to get healthy, but does that mean you have to hate your body to do those things? Absolutely NOT! You should love yourself every step of the way. Be proud of yourself. Have a boudoir shoot to celebrate where you are now, and then have one when you lose those kilos to celebrate how far you’ve come!

3/ I am not photogenic.

Every living women is photogenic! I'm sorry to say that but what is important is the right photographer who is able to direct you with flattering poses, create the perfect lighting conditions and most importantly make you relax in front of the camera. There's a lot going on to get a beautiful portrait and that's why you see the difference between a selfie and a professional image. You might think you're not photogenic because you haven't been to a professional photographer yet. Let me pose you the right way with the perfect outfit and a beautiful makeup, then we'll see if you're not photogenic!

4/ I don’t know how to pose.

Great! Like 99% of my clients! Unless you are a professional model, you're not supposed to know how to pose for a photoshoot, I don't think you have a class in high school for that yet. That is why I offer a fully directed session, which means I show you or explain to you how to pose the best way to get a beautiful photo. In photography, details are quite important, your hands, arms, head, hair, makeup...everything need to be in place in order to capture a great portrait. My job is to take care of all these little details. I tell you to move your right hand this way and your chin forward because it looks better on camera. In photography we play with light and angles, sometimes you might feel weird but that's normal.

Your job, on the other hand is to RELAXXXXXX. So don't stress, you just need to bring your enthusiasm and follow my direction. That easy!

5/ I can’t afford it.

Well, I don't know your financial situation but I work with any kind of budgets. My sitting fee allows you to come for a full makeover and a photoshoot where I walk you through the most flattering poses. Then it's entirely up to you how much you want to spend on your portraits as there is no minimum required. You only buy what you like! I'm very picky regarding the products I offer as I always choose the best quality. I also offer a payment plan to make it easier for you to get exactly what you want. Usually my clients saved for their photoshoot, just like you would a girl's night out, a vacation or a designer bag you really want. But remember, a Boudoir session is not only about the images, it's about the experience. What you get at the end, this confidence in yourself, the feeling to be so beautiful and powerful and the magic to reconnect to your true self is Priceless. If you want it, you can have it!


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