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Let’s get romantic for a moment! Have you thought about a present yet? You want to surprise him like never before? I promise you he’ll remember the 14th February 2019 forever!!! My mini sessions from last year were SUCH a huge success, I've been asked to do it again this year! SO I've blocked out ONE WHOLE SUNDAY exclusively for my Valentine's Mini Shoots!  

You'll come in to the studio, get your makeup done by the talented Anisha, sip some champagne, indulge in a little chocolate (or two…), and then have a private 30 minute mini session with me to get your special someone an awesome Valentine's gift!

boudoir photography valentine’s day valerie prudon sydney

The package includes 5 fine-art 5x7” prints of your choice, and you will be able to order more products if you'd like after you see your finished images!

I have a VERY limited number of these mini shoot time slots available, so if you want one, snag your time slot right away!  


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Top 5 reasons why everyone should do a Boudoir Photoshoot!

I hear a lot of reasons why women DON'T do a boudoir shoot, they're not confident enough, they want to lose weight, they're too shy, the list goes on! But I do think everyone should enjoy this self-love experience so I came up with the top 5 reasons why you should do a Boudoir Photoshoot, I hope you’ll be convinced :)

1/ CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh, this is a big one! Each and every one of us has insecurities. We usually focus on everything we dislike about ourselves instead of the things we love. Boudoir is about self-confidence and self-acceptance, it makes you feel beautiful just as you are, right here right now. Boudoir is about freedom! And you’ll never look as sexy and beautiful than when you feel confident. So allow yourself to be beautiful, because you are.

This is an experience you will never forget…ever! You'll feel like you can conquer the world after your shoot.

boudoir photography sydney

2/ It’s a great excuse to get pampered.

Please, do something just for yourself. I know you’re busy, you have to plan your friend’s birthday party, you have to take care of your kids, you have to finish an important report at work…

STOP! BREATHE! Come for a personalised photoshoot where our professional hair & makeup artist will look after you for an hour while you’ll be enjoying our sweet treats and some sparkling wine!

3/ It makes a great gift.

I can't think of a better wedding day, or anniversary gift to your spouse than a collection of smokin' hot photos of you! Trust me, they'll love it.

Celebrate NOW! I have never met a man who did not love this particular gift!


4/ Celebrate something!

Maybe it's to celebrate your wedding, your anniversary, or your weight loss. Maybe it's to celebrate having just had a baby, or fighting cancer. Or maybe it's just to celebrate how awesome you are, right now, as you are. Whatever the reason, celebrate yourself!

5/ Create memories

During a Boudoir session we are capturing images of yourself that truly matter! Every time you’ll look at your amazing portraits, you’ll feel confident, sexy and empowered. You’ll keep these photos for life and you’ll get this empowering feeling for life too.

How awesome is that?

boudoir photography sydney


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Choosing outfits for your Boudoir session

I know! This is one of the biggest struggle for women before coming to their Boudoir photoshoot. What to wear? What to bring? I want to make this very simple for you so here are a few ideas to get you inspired :)



Either black, white or colourful, a bra and panty set is a very simple outfit that every woman already has in her closet. You can pair a set with anything, a sweater, a skirt, jeans or high heels. If you’re a simple girl who doesn’t wear a lot of lingerie, this is definitely your outfit!



One of my favourite! It’s a very simple outfit that usually suits every body type. Sleeves, no sleeves, you can choose any colour, any fabrics, it’s so versatile. This is also a great option for women who want to hide their stomach but still feel sexy and confident.



Very cozy and natural outfit to start the photoshoot and make you feel at ease. Everyone has a sweater in their closet. Otherwise you can use our comfy blanket. Pick this outfit to capture some lifestyle sexy images.



WOW if you’re looking for something a bit more classy and elegant, you can definitely bring a corset. Make sure it’s the right size and it fits you perfectly.


I usually start the photoshoot with something casual, natural to make my clients feel comfortable. This is when I suggest wearing a bra or bodysuit with your favourite jeans. It looks casual but so sexy…

boudoir photography sydney
boudoir photography sydney



You can also bring your favourite dress to a Boudoir shoot. We want you to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing but make sure you’re ready to dance a bit :)


No, there is no reason to be scared! I understand, nude is not for everyone but if you are brave enough to book a boudoir shoot, it might be your best opportunity to try some nude images. And trust me… nobody wants to do nude portraits when they arrive but they all ask for some at the end of the session. There is something different about nude images. These kind of portraits are indeed only about you, your body and self-love. Nothing else matters. You don’t have to be nude but we highly recommend you try! You’ll be so proud of yourself.

boudoir photography sydney
boudoir photography sydney


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