You've just been offered a complimentary Bridal Boudoir photo session

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 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney


This Gift card 

(valued at $250)



1 Hour Hair and Make-up

Up to 90 min Photoshoot (Boudoir or Glamour)

Fully directed posing

Up to 3 outfit changes

Digital enhancing of your images

Private viewing & ordering consultation

1 print 5x7


Surprise your Groom with a Gift he'll never forget!


So what do you think your husband-to-be would love more for a wedding gift? A watch, cufflinks, barware or maybe something golf related…B-o-o-ring! I have the best grooms gift ever, and it may be something you never ever considered, or maybe you secretly did think about it. Why not consider doing a bridal boudoir photo shoot and create a steamy little album to hand over to your groom the night before your wedding? It’s the best grooms gift and a wedding gift he will never forget!

boudoir photography


Boudoir photography is one of the hottest trends in grooms gifts, and there is good reason. When you see the expression, and thrill on his unsuspecting face when he opens up your boudoir album, it’s gonna be priceless! A boudoir photo book will surprise, and thrill him more than you can ever imagine!




Bridal boudoir photography is a very special, intimate pre-wedding photo shoot where you get the opportunity to become that lingerie model you always dreamed about. It can be as innocent or as sultry as you would like it to be. You get to pose in your sexiest, spiciest outfits, (or lack thereof!) and your groom gets the kind of photo album he will forever love and cherish. 


 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
It truly is a one of a kind gift from you!
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney


The point is – no matter what your budget, shape, size or looks, you can bring out your sexy side and show your groom-to-be what an incredibly lucky man he is! The fun part is seeing the astonishment on his face when he opens your special boudoir album and sees you draped over a bed, smoldering and sensual, in your skimpiest lingerie, g-string, shorts, bikini, even topless if you dare. He will be blown away, guaranteed!

Most brides-to-be say that they are nervous at first, but surprisingly, it turns out to be one of the most empowering and exhilarating experiences in their lives.
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney

 boudoir portrait photography sydney




I'm a Portrait Photographer specialised in women portraiture. Women come to me for a variety of reasons, it might be for personal branding portraits, maternity or fitness photoshoot, a glamour session but being French and coming from Paris, I wanted to introduce Boudoir Photography to Australian brides. And I'm glad this style of photography is now becoming more and more popular around Sydney. You'll find through my images Elegance, Femininity and Self-confidence. I create a powerful experience that enables women to express themselves, their beauty, strength & personality and have all their amazing qualities forever recorded in beautiful imagery. 


I'll help you have fun, feel relaxed and look your best.


I get to reflect back to you what your fiance has been seeing in you the entire time!



 boudoir portrait photography sydney





Wedding gift for your groom

1st year Anniversary gift

Once-in-a-lifetime experience

Celebrate Yourself

Act of self-love or self-acceptance

Express your Beauty, Strengths & Sensuality

Unique time to look after Yourself

A Boost of self-confidence that might change your life



 boudoir portrait photography sydney



1. Pre-consultation

This is when we have a quick chat together about how you want to be captured in order to tell the story of who you are right now. We talk about your hair, the make-up that you'd like and of course the lingerie outfits that you want to bring to the session.


 boudoir portrait photography sydney







2. Professional Hair & Make-up

When you arrive to my studio, you'll spend an hour with my lovely make-up artist. This is when the transformation begins, physically and mentally. We'll do your hair & make-up based on your style and how you want to look. Women have so many different personalities, we usually start with something natural & candid but it's totally up to you, we'll always listen to your needs and if you want to try new things, we're here for you!

 boudoir portrait photography sydney



3. Photoshoot Time! 

When your hair & make-up is done, we can start the photoshoot. Don't worry about anything at all! I'll tell you how to pose, what to do with your arms, your hands, your shoulders, I just need you to feel at ease and to trust me. The best images are when you feel the most comfortable. And as your self-confidence grows during the session, you'll feel like another woman, you'll look like yourself!

 boudoir portrait photography sydney


4. Viewing session

You'll come back to the studio a few weeks after your session to have a look at all the portraits I took of you. This is when I get to reflect back to you what your partner or husband have been seing in you the entire time, a true beautiful woman, inside and out. The perfect way to keep your beautiful boudoir images is a beautiful keepsake boxe with different images inside. I'll show you my gorgeous range of Portfolio boxes on the day.

I want to support women through the process of self-discovery, in their journey toward greater appreciation for who they are - their strengths & challenges.
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney
 boudoir portrait photography sydney


After your session...


You'll receive a beautiful complimentary 5x7 print from your session and then you ONLY buy what you LIKE. It's totally up to you, there is no minimum required. I offer different Portfolio boxes, prints and a gorgeous 8x10 album which is the most popular wedding gift. My clients usually spend between $500 and $1500.


boudoir portfolio
boudoir portfolio
boudoir album


On your wedding day, when you give him your boudoir book, make sure you have the photographer take a photo or video of his reaction. I love to see how unsuspecting grooms react…it makes me laugh and smile every time! In fact, your boudoir photography album might just turn out to be the biggest hit of your entire wedding. It certainly has been for countless other grooms!

Come for this life-changing experience &
create images of yourself that truly MATTERS!

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